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Yard & Garden Drills: Weave Challenge!


Are you up for the Challenge?

Get ready for winter training and perfect those weaves for the 2021 season. The second in the Yard & Garden Drills series of exercise books and ideal for your garden!

Yard & Garden Drills: Weave Challenge! Is exactly that, a comprehensive set of skill drills to test every element of your weave training. Using just a set of weaves (6 or 12) 3 hurdles and one tunnel.

Exercises are designed to practice a complete range of weave related skills. Entry tests, completion challenges and varied discriminations will give you the ultimate training structure to perfect your weaves.

With 60 exercises designed on 30 different and original layouts there are many drills to test yourself on. Each drill has handling information and crucial training points.

A great feature of this book is that each set of exercises are designed in blocks with the weaves and tunnels remaining in place, you only need to move the jumps to work through each section of 4 exercises.
• Entirely splash proof book (water repellent): Never worry if you leave this fantastic book in its natural habitat, the garden!
• 30 tailored weave designs and 60 unique weave challenges
• Training information, tips and handling suggestions on each layout
• Clear and easy to follow exercises
• The second in the series of ultimate home garden training resources

Select one of the combos and save!

Weave Challenge & Orange APR for just £35.99 saving £5 off a brand new APR!

Both Yard & Garden Drills in the Series (4 Jumps One Tunnel Edition & Weave Challenge) for a great price of £46.99

Yard And Garden Drills: Weave Challenge! is a physical book and cannot be ordered as an E-book. Please select appropriate shipping for your address at the checkout. Many thanks.

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