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#skills2success Foundation Online Training: Key2success



Ever been told that foundations are the most important thing? Ever wondered how to introduce your dog to agility?

We have answers for that!

Lee & Ola will lead you from the very first steps   up to comprehensive pre-agility foundation work. This class is eligible for puppies over 8 weeks old, or any dog.

Follow us on the journey with our own puppies as we work our way through the exercises and watch our informal, uncut and unedited videos. You will be able to watch the introduction to the exercises, follow up sessions, change of the environment and progression through distractions.

We will focus on the key areas that prepare your dog for it’s future agility training. We have a key positive focus on not rushing the dog to equipment, but build up the confidence, balance and ground work.

You don’t need access to agility equipment. All you need is a positive attitude and motivation to join us and build up your skills2success

* 7 months worth of training
* 3 separate modules, 8 weeks long each, 2 weeks revision after each module
* 18 month access after course completion
* fortnightly Q&A sessions (these are all still available to watch online)
* games for confidence building, balance, collection/extension, flat work, motivation and drive

The class will be run in a closed Facebook group.
Participants will receive weekly tuition videos to follow and practice at their own time and the chance to have their questions answered during the forthright Q&A. (please note that the Q&As are still in the group post-dated)

Sign up now to access ALL the course content!

The class is now complete. However all content is available in the private Facebook group.

Price:  £210

Not got your own dog yet? That’s not a problem!
You can still sign up and watch all the videos and learn along with us. The group and videos will all remain live for 6 months after the group completion!

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