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Global Judging Program: Template, Design, Judge! E-Book


Template, Design, Judge!

The ultimate judge's designing resource. Design courses for competitions, training courses and self-practise. Featuring 30 unique templates, in both agility & jumping, on a variety of sizes (35mx35/115ft x 115f 22mx25m / 70ftx80ft & 20mx40m / 65ftx120ft).

Use this E-book is to inspire you; helping you to design and create fantastic courses of your own, using the template ideas and developing them.

Key  components of our GJP templates are:
• Safety
• Variety of equipment
• Variety of potential skill tests
• Judge’s path starting point and ideas

How to use these GJP templates:
 Work with the versatile templates to design your own courses
 Nest several courses around the template equipment
 Work with the suggested judge’s path to formulate your own personal judge’s path for the specific course you have designed
 Use and build in a variety of equipment into your courses
 Be inspired to create your own personal templates

On purchase of this E-book, you will also receive CRCD4 files via email. Save these and keep for private use only. I will email the PDF and CRCD files to your email address. If this is different to your Paypal email please message me via FB or at [email protected]

If you have not recieved your E-book within 72 hours please email me. Thank you!

Designed by Lee Gibson & Greg Derrett

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