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All In One! Weekly Online Drills, Video Analysis

£50.00 (Sold out)

Welcome to one of the fastest growing train at home communities and join our interactive online training.

Choose a full participation working spot, or a audit spot if you dont wish to submit videos!

Weekly  training plans:

Deconstructed skill drills for small training areas/gardens

Submit one video per week for detailed feedback.

All exercises colour coordinated and sub divided up into skill drills so no matter how small your back yard or garden, you can still practice and submit videos!

25m x 25m / 82ft x 82ft layout x 1
12m x 20m / 40ft by 65ft Skill Drills (taken from layout 1) x 3

Once you sign up Please Message me on Facebook "Lee Gibson" or "Ola Kordas" so we can get you added to the private FB Group.

Join us for the next term and recieve all the materials from the first term included!
(Please note video submission will only be accepted on the current term)

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